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Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Cape Timeshare Becomes Nightmare
Team 5 Investigates uncovered a timeshare nightmare on the Cape and one man who, owners said, owed them thousands. Now they’ve uncovered a whole new nightmare development — traced to the same financially troubled developer.

CALL 3 Investigation of Free Prizes with Holiday Travel of America

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Video: Is Promise Of Tropical Vacation Worth It?

Hawaii For $100? BBB Logs Trail Of Complaints

Travelers Face Many Restrictions
POSTED: 8:06 pm PDT May 5, 2008

NAPA, Calif. — Sitting through a sales pitch in return for a $100 trip to Hawaii sounds like an easy deal.
The company behind a mailer sells vacation club memberships. To get the free trip — including airfare and accommodations for two — you have to sit through a 90-minute sales pitch.
At a business park in Napa, KCRA 3 listened to the presentation, declined the vacation club offer, but then asked for the free trip.

The travel club company delivered, and KCRA 3 walked away with a VIP Hawaiian Holiday certificate, good for two round-trip coach tickets and two nights in economy accommodations.
The certificate had to be completed and mailed in within 45 days or it would be void.
Next came a letter requesting travel dates — Tuesdays through Thursdays only — plus an airline and hotel tax deposit of $100.

Mike and Sandy Carson, of Novato, went through a similar process and opted to pay more to extend their trip.
“We put in certain dates, but if you look on the card, there’s a lot of dates blacked out,” Mike Carson said.
KCRA 3 chose two sets of dates, but the redemption company said neither was available.
A third and fourth set of dates were also declined, as were the fifth and sixth sets of dates in March and April 2008 — even though KCRA 3 received its travel certificate in August 2007, and the redemption company cashed the deposit check a month later.
After rejecting all six travel dates, KCRA 3 called the redemption company, Holiday Travel of America, to complain.
Customer service said it could confirm Sept. 9 to 11, but that those dates had to be booked right then and there — and KCRA 3 had to fax back a confirmation letter with a credit card number. The company would charge $75 to $150 if the reservation was cancelled or if no one showed up.
The Better Business Bureau of San Diego said other people have had trouble, too: Holiday Travel of America has an unsatisfactory record because of a pattern of complaints.
People said they can’t get valid travel dates, and when they give up and try to get their deposit back, refunds are delayed.
Holiday Travel of America’s owner said over the phone that the company handles 30,000 to 40,000 transactions each year and has thousands of happy travelers. Customers have to read terms and conditions and disclosures and understand that promotional travel is all on space available.
He said his company makes mistakes but tries to fix them.
The company did confirm the travel dates in September, but no one could give a specific airlne or hotel.
But the Carsons gave up on their trip and asked for a refund, which they got. But Sandy Carson said she thinks most people give up before getting their money back.
“You get $100 from everybody, and they don’t pursue it — probably 80 percent don’t pursue it — and they make a bundle,” she said..
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Westgate Resorts – Where does the money go that you invested in your Westgate Property ?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

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David A. Siegel

Founder, President, and CEO

Westgate Resorts Founder

Special Video that Features David Siegel’s
Older Smaller Home.

Hotel Lays Off Workers Amid Expansion Plans – Hilton Grand Vacations

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Hotel Lays Off Workers Amid Expansion Plans
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Timeshare companies are taking a beating because of the economy and it’s costing Central Florida residents their jobs.

Hilton Grand Vacations, which is headquartered in Orlando on Metrowest Boulevard has laid off full-time employees from its staff of 3,500.

Eyewitness News reporter Robert Maxwell has learned that there were 187 company wide layoffs at the Hilton Grand Vacations.

A Hilton representative said they plan to expand in Orlando’s tourist corridor and was eager to talk about expansion plans.

“We see a lot of opportunity for tourism and so we are very bullish on Orlando,” said a Hilton representative.

In a statement released by Hilton’s corporate headquarters the international hotel chain confirmed that a number of full-time positions were eliminated across the organization, specifically at the Hilton’s Grand Vacations division where timeshares are sold at sprawling resorts.

What’s unusual about the Hilton layoffs is they come at a time when the Hilton family has big expansion plans in Orlando.

Hilton proudly told Channel 9 its timeshare properties are growing with the first phase of Club Parc Soleil, which is a seven phase 52-acre project south of Sand Lake Road.

A Hilton hotel is planned for the Old Knights Inn on International Drive and next to the Orange County Convention Center, the 1,400-room Orlando Hilton is set to open in the summer of 2009.

Channel 9 tried to find out why they cut jobs while there were plans to expand in Orlando, but no one at the Hilton executive office would discuss the layoffs.

“I’m sorry sir, but we cannot comment. We gave you a number you can call,” said one representative.

WFTV called the number, but the corporate spokesperson wouldn’t detail the job losses only the expansion.

Vacations for Life – To Good To Be True – Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

HERE TO WATCH INSIDE 20/20 Investigation on Royal Holiday

Vacations for Life:

Too Good to Be True?

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Subject of Numerous Customer Complaints

If you think buying a timeshare in Mexico sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club has a deal for you. It offers something completely different — let’s call it the un-timeshare.

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers members points to be used to book hotel stays.

More Photos

A promotional video produced by the company says, “Welcome to the exciting world of Royal Holiday … a great way to have luxury vacations without breaking the bank.”

Based in Mexico, Royal Holiday is doing a booming business signing up vacationers at busy sales offices around the Caribbean. It isn’t selling property; it’s selling points and promises. A typical member pays roughly $11,000 to join the club, plus a yearly fee of about $465. For that, a member gets points that the club says can be used to book luxury vacations.


Royal Holiday calls its Vacations for Life plan an alternative to the complaint-riddled timeshare business. But a “20/20″ hidden camera investigation inside the club’s sales operation in Cancun raised troubling questions about how Royal Holiday sells memberships and delivers on its promises. According to angry complaints placed both in the United States and in Mexico, hundreds upon hundreds of the club’s members wish they weren’t.

“We love to travel,” says Natasha Rajtar of Albany, N.Y., who signed up with her husband, Jason. “And we thought how cool over the next 30 years to be able to travel the world with our children.”

A Royal Holiday promotional video says, “Today we can share a secret with you, one that guarantees luxury vacations in first class hotels around the world.”

What is Royal Holiday’s real “secret”?

“20/20″ interviewed a cross-section of the growing number of members who say Royal Holiday misled them about how the club operates, and the availability of vacations they’d want. They say the only thing royal about their membership was the way they were ripped off.

John and Robin Chomko, who are from the St Louis area, joined in the Dominican Republic in 2006. “They’ll tell you anything,” John says of the Royal Holiday salespeople. “They’ll lie, I mean, they lied completely to us.”

ABC Report with Dave Ramsey – Are Timeshares Worth the Cost ?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Radio Host Dave Ramsey explains why he thinks timeshares are a bad investment !

This is a Great Video that was broadcast on ABC Money Matters Program.

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ABC Special Nightline News Reports the TRUTH about timeshares !

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Watch the ABC Special Nightline News Report Clip that explains from experts on what is happening in the timeshare industry. Pay attention to the TRUTH…..


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