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Value of Your Timeshare – What if You Invested the Same Money ?

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

I was curious what a timeshare owner could do if they were to take the same amount of money that a timeshare costs and “INVEST IT” into a mutual account.

So I contacted a financial advisor and asked him where I would be financially if I invested the money into a mutual fund.

This is what he came up with for me from “THE LATTE FACTOR” :

If you place $15,000 into an account earning an annual return of 7% and deposit $600 at the beginning of each year, then in 35 years your account will grow to $248,897.00

$248,897.00 !!!

The difference between the rich and the poor is planning ahead and making smart choices !
Think Ahead …


“A latte spurned
is a fortune earned.”

- People Magazine

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Diamond Resorts International Charging very high management fees which represent a complete rip off. Lancaster Nationwide

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Diamond Resorts International (formerly Sunterra, formerly GVC)

have decided to increase the yearly management fees to a ridiculously high level which makes the timeshare ownership no value for money. You either pay the fee or loose everything including the initial payment for being a member.

They will not buy back the points or ownership.

There is no limit to how much they can charge each year and people are powerless to do anything to stop them. I was promised good value for money, no rip off merchants, no scams but it turns out that Diamond Resort International are modern day pirates.Please be aware of this company and don’t be taken in by the sales talk. There has been a steady yearly increase in the management fee’s until last year when it greatly increased, they also insisted on as payment during the year (small print again !) which is within their rights to do so. This year the fee’s increased by 35%.

Remember the name – Diamond Resorts International.
by Andrew Stanley / United Kingdom

Westgate Resorts – Where does the money go that you invested in your Westgate Property ?

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

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David A. Siegel

Founder, President, and CEO

Westgate Resorts Founder

Special Video that Features David Siegel’s
Older Smaller Home.